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Sarah Bullock is a woman passionate about embodying change.


Sarah specialises in The Embodied Awakening™ – a transformational program bringing self-awareness to body, mind and soul in a journey back home to self.


Through soul alchemy, intuitive guidance, Amatsu, Reiki, Kinesiology, Shamanic practices and movement, Sarah creates a safe creative place to open the heart, express the soul and shift out old patterns, limiting beliefs and outdated stories from mind, body, and spirit, and replace them with empowered ways of being.


Sarah’s own journey to whole health and embodied living has meant Sarah walk (or in Sarah’s case, dance) her talk.  Life itself has been her most powerful teacher and provided many doorways of understanding to co-create breakthrough transitions. Through nutrition, conscious movement, sensual awareness, and creative expression, Sarah invites her clients to create a deeper, fuller life for themselves.


With deep empathy and grace, Sarah invites you to wander off the well worn path of past familial behaviours onto the path of rediscovery and soul-liberation. Sarah specialises in empowering women to live full lives and KNOW their worth. To live fully embodied; to be expansive, expressive, creative, daring and in tune with their sensual lives. To be in full integrity with self.  Creating a place to heal the deepest of wounds. To allow joy and wonder to entertain the spirit and entice it to be fully present in the body. To be embodied for all of life’s pleasures once again.

Sarah runs regular dance classes and women’s groups in East Sussex supporting her local community to connect and establish bonds of friendship through movement and circle.


Sarah’s dedication to helping women also includes rights of passage work with pre-teenage girls. She ran a ‘Red Tent’ project in schools with colleagues in the Milton Keynes area. They offered girls a free educational program aimed at guiding young women onto the right path of self-nurturing behaviour while shattering negative self-beliefs and speaking of the dangers of body dismorphia.


When not dancing or studying for her MA in Dramatherapy Sarah can be found in clinics in Milton Keynes and East Sussex.


Are you ready to step in, step up and live your life in a healthy embodied fun way? YES?


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