A message for these times…2 May 2020

Heart Opening : 2 May 2020

Heart opening to new levels. 

Let the stellar aspect of yourself weave the threads of mystery and ‘lore’.  Undo all that which no longer serves and give yourself permission to BECOME.

You are a light in this dark world, for you know your own darkness.  It has illuminated the shadows of your life, your past, it now illuminates the flame of your truth.  Let it guide you always and ‘all ways’ into the deeper connection to the divine.

Whole and Holy the crucible, this vessel of you.  Whole and Holy, this sacred chalice.

Honour it and honour yourself.  Believe and BE-LIVE.  These moments may appear to hold the madness of the world and indeed they do, yet, at the same moment there is a redress occurring at the fundamental level of the mystery.  Scientists will assume and place ‘facts’ upon these times, philosophers will pontificate on the teachings of Plato, yet, you, yourself have been a conduit for this change.

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Everyone who has wished for a ‘different world’, who wished for the patriarchy to topple, for a rebalance to occur.  Well, your wishes have been answered, be careful what you wish for dear heart, for it will never come in the form you desire.

The mystery still has the ‘upper hand’, if there are hands to be played.

Whilst man attempts to control, control can never be controlled.  Remember this as you begin to RE-MEMBER yourselves.

A collective Shamanic dismemberment is occurring.  Yet, as much as it is disturbing as any dismemberment is you, your life, your beliefs and patterns are challenged and will be changed.

You never emerge the same way. Yet, emerge you will.

Yes, there is loss and we do not apologise for this, for in order for us to awaken from our slumber and putrid excesses we have to know loss.  This, IF we allow; awakens our heart, opens our eyes and begins to enable us to believe in something a new.  Believe and BE – LIVE.  The altercations that occur are timely.

Release the sticky fist from the shelf of sugar laden, colourfully papered misconceptions of happiness. The illusions of grandeur and awaken to the realness of you, your life, your breath, your body, your place.

You, your sacred place, this sacred BEing that you are, become this…only this.

Allow the deaths to touch you, the honesty, courage of others and yourself to open that closed heart.  See not from silted blinkered eyes but from eyes open to the wonder and beauty all around.

Breath Of Life: Sheri Howe

Let it in, drop by drop, drip by drip, let it touch you, let it melt you and heal you.

The time of the closed heart is no more.  Let yourself open to that which hurts and heals.

This muscle. It hurts to lose, it hurts to love.  Same muscle.  Let them both in side by side, the sacred union, drip by drip, drop by drop.

This balance, this dance, this medicine that brings us back to our humanity, away from the bags, boxes, bottles into breath, body heart.

Your heart and breath meeting yourself, perhaps for the first time. An initiation to self.  Meeting another truly, deeply, without the veil of illusion. 

A chink in the matrix being illuminated for all to see. 

To feel if they wish. 

It is there.

It is here. 

How many more times will this happen?

Hah!  Only the mystery knows. Yet remember this my beloved: YOU, dreamed and wished for a different world, as it is emerging.  You are emerging.  The world will keep rejuvenating, pulsing and living long after you and I are gone.  Remember this.  She knows not what you are, yet, she knows what you have become.  She is taking back her right as the giver of all life, NOT you, ‘man’. It is she the ‘Great Mother’, this earth, the balance of sun and earth, the masculine nature and feminine nurture the sacred union, Hieros Gamos, coming finally back into balance.  Showing us what is possible.

IT IS POSSIBLE: you are never alone, we are always held, you are held by something far greater than ‘us’ in our fragility as a human.

Become they of the stars and the earth, become the Being you are here to be in all your glorious messy, beauty-filled humanness and begin.

Begin again.

Begin again my love.

Begin again.