Attachment and co-dependency – a time for compassion

Co-dependency and self compassion

This week has highlighted some deep wounds for me. Those of my co-dependency, my attachment styles in relationships.

It seems that I’m ‘ready’ for the next layer of the healing to reveal the primal wound of my insecurity in relationships.

Yep! I’m human….we all are. We all have different attachment styles in relationships and it takes us to dive deep into the psyche to reveal these shadowy aspects of our insecurity to bring them into love, harmony and acceptance.

Is it easy? Hell no! It’s painful like pouring salt on an open wound. Yet, I’ve noticed when I sit with myself and these painful parts the compassion and kindness towards myself comes quicker. Easing the fear and the lack of self acceptance. Some straight talking and deep listening from some dear beloved friends also helps! You know who you are 💕 and I’m ever grateful.

To do this work alone is lonely. Yet. It is the fear of being alone that often keeps us stuck in the patterns of being with avoidant partners. Our need to look after, to control so we feel safe. This work starts with us. It is for us to begin to know how to feel safe in ourselves. This doesn’t mean not asking for our needs to be met.
It is not anyone else’s responsibility. It’s ours. It’s through this self responsibility with some help from our friends, therapist, community that we lean into ourselves more deeply and learn to become the sovereign beings we are here to be.

With you in grace as we journey towards harmony and full self acceptance. Sarah