For me birthdays are a time of celebration – a true opportunity to celebrate the existence of someone on this planet, a time to rejoice for their presence in my life, in this world, for their gifts that they bring.

Art: Vladamir Klush

I LOVE picking out gifts and cards and sending them packaged with care and love.

Yet, my own?  I struggle. I find myself each year in a pit of despair, sadness and questioning my purpose.  Why am I here? What good to I actually bring to the world? Yes, I know I ‘do’ lots in my community, I bring things to people, yet rarely if ever do I celebrate my own ‘beingness’ in the world. Rarely do I sit and honour myself truly and fully.

I have so much to say on this subject, but it is sensitive and not yet ready so for today, I want to ask how do you celebrate yourself?

How do you breathe in your presence in the world and give a moment to reflect on your accomplishments and all the love in your life, the moments of celebration?

Please know YOU MATTER. 

Please know how much you are loved even if you don’t always feel it.  

Please know that you are worthy of deep connection if that is what you desire.

Please know you are wanted.

Please know that you are worthy.

Please know you are appreciated.

Please know you are here for a reason and that is to BE YOU.

In love and grace; I celebrate you, Sarah