Culling, sowing, harvesting

To Cull….. how often do we follow the cycles of nature and sow, harvest, cull and lay fallow?

I frequently clear my house. A detox some would say. Of items that no longer serve, that others would appreciate more as they are having little use in my life.

I only recently did this. It is a metaphor for where I am in my life.

Again, reassessing

*where I am

*who I am

*what I allow into my life and body

*who I allow into my life and body

*what no longer serves?

I am no horder but I do like lovely things (that’s the Taurus magpie) so when I do this I am often shocked at how much ‘stuff’ I have. Is it all necessary? Often no. Does it make me feel good? Sometimes no. Sometimes yes.

I find I am holding on to the memories of things. At the moment making too few new ones. I am hanging on to the old. Yet, I notice it’s making me feel stuck. Even more stuck than I was which difficult. Wallowing in the past. Longing for what was. This to me is unhealthy. It stops me appreciating what is NOW. What I could be creating.

When we sit still for too long we look up and life has moved on and we haven’t, and in my case, I’ve aged and out on weight neither of which make me so happy!

I’m ready to get back on the metaphorical horse and re-enter life. Lighter, more alive, more humble and more willing to be open to what is. First, I have to cull again to create space for new memories. New moments. New people, places and opportunities…..

Where are you in this cycle of life??