Deep in the belly of woman

Art: Andrew Trimmer

Older musings

Deep in the belly of woman’s wisdom lies the seed of all knowing.

The seed which when cultivated and nourished brings forth new life.  New life in the form of a child, an idea, a creative expression, a dance, a form of new beginning, new birth, new life.

Deep in the belly of woman lies the depths of passion. Untouched, untamed. The Wild primal screaming panther of pure potent power, the woman wild, free, untouched ALIVE.

Deep in the belly of woman lies the nourishing mother, the woman who loves beyond herself, sees beyond her own needs, loves and nourishes all life itself.

She who knows the depths and potency of a mothers love, holding within her arms a lover, a child, a friend a foe knowing and allowing the unconditional heart of spirit force to flow through her from her heart, her womb her soul.

Deep in the belly of woman I hide. Deep in the belly of you.

You are the light, the dark the hit the cold. You are all that you are – all part of the consciousness we are all within the belly of woman.

Dive deep, sink deep resonant with grace, delight, flamboyance, fierce grace and beauty, dive deep dear soul dive deep.

You are the seed; you hold the seed, dive deep dear one, dive deep.

Birth all those ideas forth and allow your heart to sing, your body to dance, your heart to love.

There is only love…deep in the body of woman.