EMDR and trauma

This is a recent account from a client after some EMDR work. It never ceases to amaze me just how transformative it is. To book sessions in person or via Skype contact me through sarah@theembodiedawakening.com

Living with the effects of trauma was just ordinary life for me, feeling like something was wrong and being in constant pain was normal.

It is almost 20 years since my life was first changed by trauma and I am still on my journey of healing.

One of the first sessions of EMDR therapy with Sarah changed my perception on just how much these past traumas had not only effected my mental health but my physical body too.

I was living in constant fear, fight or flight response and this was just how I coped through life. Fighting and acting out when things got difficult and running away when I started to hurt – protecting myself.

During the EMDR sessions lots of emotion and feelings come up which are surprisingly manageable with Sarah’s soft caring nature and gentle encouragement.

One of our sessions was all about the force trauma I went through as a teenager that caused my body to go through life in a heightened stress response which meant any type of stress I encountered my brain reacted in the same way as the trauma tensing up my muscles causing my bones to curve in my neck and tilt in my hip.

After this session Sarah advised me to take it easy with myself for the next few days and that she was available for support if needed. After three days I began to notice my muscles relax, my shoulders dropped and the constant tense feeling had gone. The flight or fight response had also disappeared and I felt more connected to myself more than ever. I was able to think about my trauma and have no fear or tense feeling run through me. This is a massive transformation from taking one day at a time not knowing how to plan ahead to now living in a more able and relaxed mental/physical state.

I also had EMDR therapy for a pain that I have lived with since I can remember in my head, this pain would intensify with stress causing headaches and migraines. The start of the session I was in distress crying and in pain. I had to be brave to keep going and again with Sarah’s tender coaching I got through. I could feel the change during the session with it ending with my smiling and feeling a sense of relief.

After a few days again, this pain had gone and I am now living without having this lingering dull pain just like a time bomb waiting to intensify. I highly recommend EMDR with Sarah to anyone living with the long lasting effects of trauma and pain as the change is phenomenal! I am forever grateful to have been able to receive this therapy.

Lucie. Milton Keynes