Hecate calls

Owl calls
Hecate calls

Deep mistress of the shadows…. calling for me to dive in and embrace my totality of self.

Owl calls

Heart breaks, feelings of overwhelm
Scorpion tail findings its mark emits its poison – heart contracts, breaks open with the long held pain and passion weaved so closely, held deep within the cavern of the heart pouring forth cleansing and healing past pains

Childhood ambitions lost and forgotten stir to the surface. Remembering the wild passion and dance of fire, the thrill of riding bareback in the sea – hair flying in the wind, whilst my soul captures the essence of wind and dances free, flying high, riding faster and faster along the shore the heart beats, faster and faster.

Owl calls

Bird flying seeing all

Scorpio tail. Stings. Cutting, hitting deep to the core.
Fuelling the despair
Touching and piercing the depths of the deeply hidden cavern of lost passion and longing.

Longing to be held with compassion and grace, to be met with wild passion, fierce wild passion and unconditional love and beauty
.  The passion and grace of a true strong heart.

Owl calls

The call of the wild.
The ability to ‘SEE’ to ability to know TRUTH

Are you my truth? I know not.

Heart flutters pausing for breath, almost with the sting of the Scorpio tail the paralysis piercing into the tightly held cavern – shedding its medicine, breaking through old patterns and stories, breaking through to let in the light

Owl calls. Hecate calls.

To be met in grace, not defence. To be met and held in beauty, honour and wisdom, not rage, defences high, defences; do they serve?

Owl Calls. Hecate calls. Tears fall.

Heart calls… Tear down the defences. Allow the heart to break open allow the heart to be seen in all its glory, knowing it is strong.  Strong and capable of surviving the Scorpio sting.

The medicine emitted by something so vulnerable. Its only defence, to strike, to hurt, to maim, to protect its sensitive side, to protect itself, yet in doing so it brings fear and a reputation of danger. Living in the fear of its own softness the scorpion leads an isolated life.

Let my heart break free of the chains of despair.
Let my heartbreak free of being captured and held in fear.
let my heart break free to embrace once again the wild passion and freedom within.

Break free dear heart, stand strong, stand tall, stand in your own power and passion, tear down the walls of repression and fear once and for all.

Owl calls. Hecate calls.

Hear the call of the owl lets its resonance sooth your shaken soul.

Breathe in the rich darkness of the new moon sky, the place of new beginnings, of riches beheld are wondrous and true, the deep velvet darkness. See from your heart centre.

Open this sacred heart of the child embracing the potent wisdom of the seer inside.

Hecate calls you dear child of the light; wisdom calls in the hour of the night.

Owl calls.
Scorpion stings no more.
Squash the scorpion embrace the scorpion tickle its under belly and allow it to melt into your heart. Know you are strong enough, brave enough, wild enough, and wise enough.

YOU ARE ENOUGH – no more sting – only wisdom of the owls song…

Owl calls.
Hecate calls.
Heart calls.  Peace.