How you do money…

May 2017

Finding myself feel quite heated this morning from a few things over the last few weeks. I guess I will be opening myself up for a whole lot of something with this. But it feels important….to me.

The question of money and being paid for your services sits with me a lot, and over the years it is a conversation I have with both myself and others.

I understand whole heartedly about priorities, lack, not enough and it’s too expensive. Why do I have to pay that much…..etc etc etc

However, I also understand the hundreds of hours, thousands of ££££ the courage, determination, tears and triumphs people go through to actually get to do what it is they do in order to charge for what they do in the world.

Do you question the £3.20 you pay for a coffee or sandwich in costa? I walk past SO many cafes where people are spending time eating and drink because that is where their priorities are. To do that and that’s great just don’t question me when I choose to do something else that nourishes me in a different way.

I choose to study, to explore to nourish myself in other ways. I like to dance, do art class, to travel. To do something new, including sitting in a cafe sharing a tea with someone or on my own.

When what you do has value. Yes. There is the whole question of ‘what is value’?

That is what is the value to me? How will I benefit? Why do I have to ‘pay’ to nourish myself? I should get it for free. Believe me. I know this beauty deeply.

However, we live in a culture where money is simply an exchange. An exchange for something. You give. I give. I give. You give.

Until we live in utopia where everything is self sustained and there is no need for money then this shall be the case. But there ALWAYS has to be an exchange of some sort. It keeps the balance.

Money is an energy. We live in fear around it. We hold onto it feeling there will never be enough. The ‘not enough’ is the core wounding that goes back so deeply this is what can be explored it isn’t about the actual money.

I find myself questioning about whether I want to pay ‘that much’ for something. But I know when it feels right then I do it as I will always learn from it. Deeply.

I am fascinated by the whole thing with money. And as my Money Coach Kendall Summerhawk says ‘how you do money, is how you do everything ‘. Sit with that over your cuppa this morning and review your life and view the relationship between money, yourself and your life. I found it MOST revelatory.