Hieros Gamos and our Mother…Father Wounds

It is a morning practise for me to write, within this I ‘free write’ a kinda free flow of writing, oracular messages if you will. Something greater than myself speaks through me. I am called at these times to begin to share. Take what you will and leave the rest. Feel free to share. There will be audible versions available soon. With much love from my heart and hearth to you and yours, In grace, Sarah

The wounding of the father and mother run deep in many of us, for it comes not from us but through that genetic chain, that ancestral coding and trauma passed through generations.  A hidden thread weaving through invisible until it becomes visible, slipping unnoticed, resurfacing for those at the point in time that one is here to clear it for all moving forward.

The wounds run deep, they are not always tangible but can take form in a myriad of ways. Mistrust, depict, affairs, the lack of feeling satisfied.  The feeling that something is ‘wrong’ yet unable to identify what.

The trauma the ancestors: war, famine, rape, abandonment, slavery, metal health, illness, treasury and treason…..asking us to hide our light, the wisdom of our ancestors, shielded behind this illusive veil, being offered, yet fear of acceptance, of allowing for that fear of persecution , of shining of speaking up.

Our voices close and then our hearts, or is it the heart then the voice?

Becoming a vessel for loose sex, seeking validation through the carnal, yet this only continues to play out old patterns, devoid of reverence, the sacred act of Hieros Gamos comes to be unknown, contemplation of the other, a distant memory. All becomes an exchange of currency rather than love, appreciation, play and pleasure.

Bruce Lyon

This carnal vessel, the taking of virtue; others use it in wily ways, a currency…come into my hidden depths that I shall shave, pluck, alter and hone for ‘your pleasure’ forgetting, NO! Ignoring that deep chthonic sensual aspect of ourselves as primal woman and primal man, those from before the ‘fucking’ those that have danced together and with the divine, the God and Goddess, uniting as one in the sacred flame of fire to create.

The creation of life that comes in the birth of the Sacred Union – that ‘coming and cumming’ together. 

This spark of creation lies within us all.  That flame long dormant for fear of ignition through trauma.  Heal the trauma, heal the story, reawaken the flame, the flame of creation.

First, use it to nourish yourself deeply, fully; this Holy chalice of you in all your glory.

Reclaim your voice, your womb, your phallus.  The union of the masculine and feminine within so you may then seek and meet without.  To meet yourself in here, this balance of these aspects then casts a golden light back through your line.  The NDA changes, morphing, expanding, shedding the old, recalibrating, expanding through all lifetimes, all paradigms. 

This union of Self, all parts, heals us whole.  It calls us home to this body, this breath.  Calling us into being and this dance, right now of creation.

Look back with a tender gaze. Cease to blame those from whence you came, from where you were born for that in itself is and was a sacred act, no matter what has unfolded; YOU. ARE. HERE. 

Now it is your turn to rebirth yourself.

How my beloved, how do you do choose to allow this to unfold?

Heal the trauma, heal the story.  Take the breath of life, the spark of creation into your own hands, and know that in this moment, this choice, you my love, this beauty filled being of now that you are: YOU. CAN. START. AGAIN.

Seek wisely your counsel, friends, beloveds, teachers and roles in life.  Take time to change the pattern.  Each breath, each step anew, yet each one with awareness, curiosity, grace.  Each one a choice in your own body. 


How do you feel to me when I am with you?

How am I when I am with you? When I let you close? Is that too close or not close enough?

When your lips touch mine, is it a divine awakening or is it a dull, flat lined response?

Do I come alive or numb out? Settling, wanting to take away the dull ache of loneliness?

Can I open myself to you and be so sure of myself, to the deepest aspects that even if you go, I have my centre, my place within me, myself, my life? 


Do I loose myself again, and again?

Questions and answers….

Come home to yourself my love.  Come home to yourself and your own Hieros Gamos, this place of balance and unity within you and know beyond all else:

You are loved

You are divine

You are a spark of creation

You are a vessel love and creativity

You are Holy and Whole

Do your work.

Do your Work and know:



Andew Gonzalez

In grace, Sarah May 7 2020