What they say….

“Sarah is refreshingly upfront, direct and straight in there… with enough compassion, warmth and insight to simultaneously create a space where everything is welcome. Each session rattled me out and pulled me together, all my threads in safe hands with this skilled alchemical guide. Be prepared to get straight with yourself, and feel the magic unfold as you step along your way”.  Dechen Shaw

“To date I have had 3 Pelvic Massage session with Sarah. It has been a deeply profound journey of discovery within the most vulnerable and powerful parts of myself.  I have felt very safe, respected and honoured by Sarah during the sessions and have benefitted on many different levels through this work.  One of the biggest has been for me to be able to stay connected to my most vital part of me during the massages and more able to during the coming weeks and 5 months since.

I have felt a wonderful sense of being home and belonging, at last, to and in my body, with an awakening of my libido at times outside the sessions.

I have been dealing with a spider phobia for a number of years before these sessions and through directly working with particular areas in my pelvic bowl, Sarah’s skills, vast knowledge and support have guided me to face my fears with a very profound outcome.

Sarah is insightful, sensitive, wise and gifted in all her Practises and I have incredibly grateful for this potent therapeutic with that she offers to women, to be of assistance in healing the traumas of the past, to enable us to re-connect with our sacred wisdom and become creative whole beings again”.

Many thanks, Christina Macadam August 2018

“I’m not sure how I found Sarah but I first visited her about 4 years ago for healing. I had been in an abusive relationship for the previous 8 years. I had a very low self esteem, issues with my weight, I suffered from anxiety and stress.

I instantly connected with Sarah and she was able to help me on my journey of rebuilding and finding myself.

Over the last few years she has shown me some techniques that I continue to use now. Her words of wisdom and advice have been invaluable to me. With her support I have managed to rediscover my confident happy self and have learnt that it’s okay to be me it’s actually amazing to be me!

I believe in Sarah’s work so much I recommended my sister to visit her too who has also been through some very unhappy times and Sarah has been a huge support to her and continues to be.

I would definitely recommend Sarah to anyone that needs some light and guidance in their lives. I am blessed to have met Sarah and for the input she has had on my journey I am forever grateful’

Franki – Birmingham

‘I was suffering with mental, physical and spiritual breakdowns for alot of years following four major traumas in my life. These breakdowns became so severe I could not get out of bed in the mornings, I was unable to function, unable to maintain or have healthy connections and relationships with people. I could not hold down a job, live up to my word. I needed serious help.

Having suffered from depression throughout my teenage years I thought this was life. Then, one day things got worse, I felt like I was carrying the weight of a building on my chest. It was painful, I was full of grief, anger, sadness and it was coming up to the surface. At this point I went to the doctors who prescribed me antidepressants. I was also referred to see a CBT specialist by my doctor for sessions that was meant to help.

The tablets made me numb, I did not feel like myself just totally disconnected. The therapist made me feel that the reason I was depressed was because of my own doing and I needed to change my behaviours to feel better. 

I was at the point where I was questioning life.. what was the point. I could not get past feeling mentally and physically overwhelmed.

My sister looked for alternative therapies and she booked my in to see Sarah for Theta healing. I had not heard of it before, I knew I was burdened with carrying all of the  grief from traumas so I thought energy work might help. 

The moment I met Sarah I was instantly warmed by her infectious smile. I was in awe with her genuine approach to connect with me on a level  that no one else could. She took me on a powerful journey in this first session, for the first time in a long time I felt connected. I was blown away just from an hour with her, I felt like I was connecting again to the universe I love that I grew to distrust. 

I understood at the end of the session this was the start of my healing  process. I was already aware I was on this path but I had no tools to help. Sarah was now my guide, my connection that I had longed for, my reminder that I am here to accomplish great things.

The very next day believe it or not I came off the anti depressants and started this new journey. I have continued to see Sarah each month for two years since.  Every session is different.

In earlier sessions I felt that I held back and was shy when asked to be honest about myself but there is no hiding from Sarah, she has the guts to go to difficult places in sessions and the sensitivity to guide and heal, put that with the wisdom she holds, it gives me the ability to know how to use the session and move forward after. 

I never know how a time together will go, Sarah has different techniques that are always amazingly so fitting to that moment. I always go away feeling like I have achieved something which is magical!

Sarah has believed in me from the beginning and has shown me great compassion over the time I have worked with her. Just to have someone listen to me and be genuine means the world. This truly is the one of the biggest gifts I have been given in life. I am forever grateful.

I am now learning to trust. I have held down a job for over a year, built and mended family relationships. I have moved home, become closer with my children and I am in a happy and healthy relationship. I know for certain my life would not be the same if I had not met Sarah and started the sessions. 

I hope that the world has abundant Sarah’s for the people who like me need extra special assistance in moving forward in the journey of healing.

Peace and Love Always’

Lucie Milton Keynes

“I first met Sarah after a relationship break-up. She helped me look at my life from an outside perspective, it helped me see the many different parts (e.g. good nutrition, thoughts/emotions) that made up who I was and how I affected my own life with my thoughts and actions.

It was as if I woke up and saw my life afresh and with insight. I saw her advice as a set of tools to help me: we all get low at times but having those tools helps me to look at the background of the issue, the ‘roots’ if you like and then to think about how I can change my thoughts and emotions.  Sarah listened to me and helped me understand myself; her advice was and is invaluable to me, I am truly grateful.”

Julie Young – Milton Keynes

I have been going to Sarah for over ten years to get my broken body fixed.

“As someone who enjoyed playing football, snowboarding, paint-balling and spending time in the gym I have over the years needing various treatments and having seen around 8 other therapists I was blessed to find Sarah.

The very high level of skill and education that Sarah has got helps her understand my ramblings of what is wrong with me and tailors the treatment to the day.

Sarah has also over the last couple of years helped me recover from a major back operation and without her help I don’t think I would be as active as I am today.

Sarah always has a smile and is friendly and welcoming, helping to make me feel comfortable. I have and will recommend her to my friends and anyone else that might listen as I believe it would be hard to find anyone better.

Thank you, Sarah, for all the years you have helped me. While I miss you, I hope you have every success in your new venture”.

Colin – MK Feb 2019

“Sarah Bullock is a very talented and empathetic therapist.  I have known Sarah for over ten years, at all times she has shown integrity and great respect to her clients both physical and mental well-being.  I have recommended many people to her for treatment and she is one of the few therapists I would trust with treating me.  If Sarah Bullock is or becomes your therapist – you are a very lucky person indeed and will appreciate my sentiment once you’ve experienced her healing hands.”

Jo Chapple – Blue Bicycle Therapies

February 2019

“SUPER SARAH I have been a client of Sarah’s for over 15 years. I first attended her clinic suffering from food intolerance’s, acne rosacea and an arthritic spine and joints.

I am pleased to say that by adhering to Sarah’s advice I have been free of the symptoms of food intolerance’s and acne rosacea for many years. Also due to Sarah’s magic touch I can now play golf twice per week and lead a relatively pain free life despite my advancing years.

It is with great sadness that I have had to say goodbye to Sarah as she has moved out of my area but I highly recommend her as her therapeutic skills are so effective and unique.

All the best Sarah – you are greatly missed”.

Anne Mayhead Milton Keynes

“For over the last ten years I have been seeing Sarah for Amatsu treatment.  She remains a profound source of benefit to my physical well-being, and a constant inspiration for her dedication to self-growth and the pursuit of knowledge. It would not be an exaggeration to say that I would not be in such ‘good order’ had it not been for her care and support.

What I can’t say is that you always made me feel ten years younger, and on occasions have wished to be a female so that I could further benefit from your gender focused activities.  Your support for your sisterhood is of great merit but my dangly bits prevent me from fully embracing those ideals.”

Malcolm North, Feb 2019.