In stillness I am born

Photo Sarah Bullock

In the stillness I dance

In the stillness I find myself

In the stillness I dive deep into my heart, myself, my own divinity

I am stillness

I am peace

I am beauty

I am passion

I am joy

I am freedom


In the stillness my feet find a movement of grace, a movement of fire a movement of surrender.  My feet find a place to weave their magic, their story.


In the stillness I find peace in myself, my heart, my BE-ing.

In the stillness I find my grace.

In stillness I open to God

In stillness I find my pulse, my own connection to source, my dance, my surrender

In stillness my fire burns even

In stillness I honour myself and all life

In stillness I am healed, I am whole, I am enough

In stillness I am love

In stillness I dream

In stillness the seed takes form as I birth myself to a greater connection to source a greater way of being

In stillness I rest, I birth, I sigh the breath of life

In stillness I am born.