It’s ‘that’ day this week….yup that one where companies make lots of money out of something that is our birthright. That of love. That day we are ‘meant’ to show how we feel yet isn’t every day a day to express how we feel about another? How another touches us? How we appreciate and value them?

I wrote the below when someone asked me about love…I just refound it it’s a work in progress a prayer…. life is short. Take the time to tell those that matter to you how much you care and love them…who knows perhaps tmw there will no longer be the opportunity. 💕

To love in the way I’d like to be loved means for me to open myself up totally to potential and eventual loss.

To allow the other the liberty and freedom that both truly need to have a healthy relationship.

It means being vulnerable. No masks and to really show up. To risk being abandoned and rejected without making it mean anything.

It means having to release control. To allow someone in. To communicate my needs, respect theirs and to meet.

I’ve always avoided confrontation. It means being with confrontation.

It means intimacy and connection into my body and soul.

It means considering another and relinquishing being selfish.

It means the balance of my masculine and feminine and allowing myself to be held longer than feels comfortable.

It means being strong in order to not go into my codependent ways. To not fight myself and push them away for fear of being hurt.

For going back and not walking away and giving up so soon when there is a disagreement. For speaking my truth so I don’t walk away because I haven’t been brave enough to. For no longer thinking ‘there must be something/someone better’

For being ok with the good and the ‘narly’ bits. For unconditional acceptable but knowing my values and boundaries.

For being ok with the unknown.

For being ok with commitment

For making that choice in each moment. Again and again.