Shadow dancing

The shadow is the place where we put all that we deny, reject, dislike, abandon, forget and fear.

The shadow gains power when we compare ourselves to others, speak in a cutting hurtful tongue to ourselves or another, when we act from wounding and When we shove everything we ‘don’t want to see’ under the very deep dark toxic rug.

The shadow is often a defence mechanism coming out with savage actions and results when we feel vulnerable, afraid, alone, lost… its the thing that fights, isolates ourselves and pushes everyone and everything away. It is the addict. The one that seeks to ‘pleasure’ oneself through the numbing. If what is actually happening.

Debbie Ford wrote of the light chasers that deny these aspects of self now more known as ‘spiritual bypassing’ the denial of the shadow actually serves to do the reverse of what we ‘hope’. When we deny these aspects of ourself they act out In the most damaging of ways. The toxicity seeps through tarnishing all we care about, it sabotages our work, relationships and lives. It keeps us alone, angry, afraid and small.

The shadow when we embrace it offers liberation. It is where our power resides. It’s where the gold lies and it’s where we become whole. We cease to compare ourselves or be afraid of ourselves or others as we know our capabilities.

It takes a brave being to dance with and own our shadow.

Now is the time. Now is the time.