Release. Release. Release.

How can you move forward when you are encumbered by the weight of the past you are carrying with you?

It is often painful to realise and release.

Sometimes there is relief. There can never be growth without space.

Think of the seedlings all packed in together vying for space to develop deep roots and grow. You take them and separate them out. Some survive some….do not.

Just as it is with friendships, relationships, dreams.

Some are given space. They flourish. They grow and bloom. Some even bear fruit. Others simply melt away into nothing.

We have to be selective. Out time and resources finite. Sometimes the selection is taken from us. This hurts as we have no ‘control’. This is where we are called to distinguish between us as spiritual, soulful, heartfelt beings. And us as ego personality driven beings. Here our ‘primal wounds’ play out.

Here is where for me the work is.

The release. The surrender. The ‘control’ of what is. The allowing. I can never control anyone else. I can only be with myself and what ‘feels’ right for me. What meets my core values and beliefs.

Self parenting. The taking of my wounded parts and loving them home. Allowing them space to throw the tantrum to ‘get it all out’ then to take them into my arms and heart and speak on soothing tones. Just as a mother would.


*you are loved precious one

*you are wanted

*you are safe

*you are home

*i love you

Be gentle with yourself precious ones. These are changing times. Things are shifting and moving within and without.

Be gentle. Be kind as you realise and release. Creating space for the growth in order to shine ever brighter.