Soften my love, soften….

Soften my love, soften.

Surrender to the depths of this vast heart field you share with the world.

Can you allow yourself to sink ever further into the field of love, possibility and beauty? 

Surrender and soften my love, back into the arms of the divine grace and yourself.  Nothing and NO THING to ‘do’ simply an allowing and curious glance from soft eyes.

These times, these times call for soft eyes, for you to welcome this softening, this vessel of you, yourself, this vessel of love to soften for yourself.  Look to yourself for this mirror of love, no one else.

Yes, it may be reflected by some, mirror it back, drink from the well deeply, but first the love and acceptance must come from within.

Allan Gilbert

Whilst, we still search, long and yearn for that external validation, we are tipped off centre.

It is true that when another accepts and loves us it gives us permission to be ourselves, but how often do you then ‘get stuck’? Reliant on that mirror?  Once it goes or shatters you are left bereft, hollow, self-loathing and punishing?

Allow these others to be a beautiful holding, yet become not reliant on that build those mirrors yourself, polish them with your breath and hair, pour yourself into them so they gleam with the radiance and truth of your authentic self.

Be the truth of you, ALL of it.  Yes, my love, that involves the ‘excluded’ parts, for whilst you exclude yourself you seek outside and top of centre.

The truth of you is the multifaceted, non-perfect gem that you are, the mirror with a slight chip.  This is what makes you so perfectly imperfect.  It is what shapes your journey, it does not have to define you. 

Long held wisdom wishes to unfold and be breathed into the world, drop into this place and allow it to begin to take form through this creative vessel, this human being in the world. You.

Yes, my love it is time to take the cloth and begin, breath by breath, stroke by stroke to polish that inner mirror of you.

Raja Ravi Varma, The Lady with a Mirror (1894)

Begin to reveal yourself to yourself and see the miracles that unfold around you in all ways. 

Soft gaze

Soft breath

Soft body

Begin my love begin.