The Alchemy of Dance

New Moon Womb Meditation and Dance of Self Sovereignty

Dogwood and sage art

About this Event

Calling all sisters wishing to dive a little deeper into our core, our creative centre, ourselves.

The new moon is a time for us to drop in deeply to ourselves, our creative centre, womb space

Answering the call of duality Gemini invites us to begin a new, sowing seeds for the times to come.

This is a nourishing offering where we explore our self sovereignty through womb meditation and Dance

Please bring:



Pen and paper


7pm gather – zoom room opens at 6.45 for us to settle in

9pm closing circle

Opening circle, stating our intention

Womb meditation and visualisation

We dance, moving together embodying our dreams, desires and wishes using the Venus gong to seal the journey

We close in circle

I ask please stay for the entire session, that the container remains confidential.

DONATION from the heart: minimum £20/15/10/5


Art: Mexicalli