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Do you suffer from structural problems, aches and pains, IBS, skin problems, weight problems, low confidence, depression, stress, exam nerves or do you just need to relax?


The Embodied Awakening can tailor a treatment specifically for you using a number of treatments:

How do we do this?

It is not just physical injury that can cause problems.  The Embodied Awakening looks at the idea of the Godai or ‘Big Five’ – five areas that interact and influence the way our body responds to life.



  • ENVIRONMENTAL: where, when and how you do what you do.
  • PHYSICAL: your bodies structure, bones, muscles and ligaments.
  • EMOTIONAL: your thought processes, emotions, beliefs and values, past stress and emotional upset.
  • CHEMICAL: your hormones, digestive system, the food you eat etc.
  • ELECTRICAL: your nervous and energy systems


We use treatments including Amatsu: an ancient Japanese treatment for removing old injury patterns from the body to achieve body balance.  A wonderful mix of osteopathy, physical-therapy and massage. NLP, Theta Healthing, Nutrition.  Kinesiology a holistic way of treating imbalance within the body using tolerance testing for foods, nutrition and releasing old emotional stress release, Reiki and Massage. If called, we will also recommend and provide Flower Remedies to help move through old patterns and emotions, these are issued at an extra cost.


During your confidential consultation we will look at your specific problems and the best way to achieve your goals.

Initial consultation 90  minutes £60, follow up sessions 45-60 minutes £50

(please contact us if  you would like a session but you find fees prohibitive, we can negotiate, we believe that no one should be turned away)

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