Women Who Run With The Wolves – online

Art: Lucy Campbell

An opportunity to work with this incredible and transformative book.

We will work in a small closed group for 6 weeks looking at two stories and how they mirror our own lives.

Working with metaphor and story can be profound and insightful to how we are ‘playing our own stories’ and how we may rewrite them.

The sessions will run WEDNESDAYS 7-9pm

2 stories
6 weeks

from 17 MARCH

What they say:

I feel that this work is not only beneficial to individuals but also to the wider community because we need collectively to reconnect with our soul, our deepest selves in order to have any hope of solving our many social and environmental issues.

Sarah Bullock is a highly skilled practitioner who offers a rich, creative, safe, interactive space that fosters openness, deep sharing and opportunities for personal and community growth and enrichment. I am extremely grateful that this (as well as some of her other projects) has been funded because what she offers is invaluable and there are many in this local community, like myself, who struggle financially and who would not otherwise be able to afford such supportive and nourishing learning and development opportunities. MBH

‘ wonderful inclusive space where we were encouraged to explore, debate and question our thoughts and society’s constructs of what it means to be a woman’. Thank you, Sarah, Kirsty